The Baby Shell are positioned directly on the nipples. In addition to its beautiful trail, it is the softness and freshness of the seashells that we feel first, they instantly soothe the fire of the nipples between each feed.

They also serve as small shields against friction and irritation, thus effectively relieving hypersensitivity and overheating.

A few drops of your milk poured into the hollow of the shell will allow your breasts to bathe in it and thus benefit from its virtues. It is the principle of the breast milk dressing that promotes tissue repair.

No more cream stains on your underwear, if you use a care cream, it will stay in contact with your nipples without the risk of staining your clothes.

The shells also serve as a collection of milk for small losses (in case of heavy losses, put a pad over it).

Easy to maintain and ecological, the shells are reusable throughout breastfeeding and even the following ones.

Coming from the sea and of 100% natural origin, they are manually polished several times before being calibrated and assembled by hand in a workshop in France.

Nursing shells - Baby Shell

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