S Ø LI, who is it?

Me is Cindy, I am 33 years old, I am the mother of 2 children Lilou and Søren.

With my spouse we are in a benevolent educational process. The well-being of our children is our priority. I practice proximal mothering. You know ? Basically, it's co-sleeping, long breastfeeding and on demand, babywearing, free motor skills ... Here are my educational values. I like to go after things, so it was natural that I turned to eco-responsible clothing. Now that you know me better ...

S Ø LI, what is it?

You understood SØLI, it is the contraction of Søren and Lilou.

I offer clothes for babies, toddlers and nursing mothers, certified and labeled Oeko-Tex, GOTS and FLO. The accessories are eco-responsible, respectful of your children, safe and of course respectful of nature. Do you understand the mood?


'' At S ØL I BOUTIQUE these are the values that we offer,

with certified and labeled brands,

to preserve our health and our environment ''

Standard 100

Some clothes are DANGEROUS for health because they contain toxic substances: Bisphenol A, endocrine disruptors, pesticides, heavy metals, arsenic ... and so on, that makes you dream eh?

So basically having an oeko-tex certified garment means having the guarantee of buying a product that is NOT HARMFUL TO HEALTH OR SKIN.

Fairetrade Labeling

It is an association networking fair trade labeling initiatives located in more than 21 countries. The objective of FLO is to promote and facilitate fair consumption in the North, with the aim of enabling the sustainable development of marginalized producers in the South. Fairetrade guarantees good working conditions and includes a whole series of ecological criteria. Regarding textiles, the label is only interested in natural fibers.

Global Organic
Standard Textile

It is THE world reference in terms of evaluation of organic fibers. Each step of the textile production chain is independently certified using strict criteria. From the harvest of raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, to labeling, everything is controlled with the aim of respecting the environment, workers and consumers.